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The Courage to Be Bold - Feel Joy and Fear

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hey wonderful people,

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is more than a hot topic, I know. The enforced preventive measures has changed drastically our daily lives. We are called upon to be conscious and disciplined, responsible and understanding. That is why it is good to focus on how we deal with the whole extraordinary and different situation.

Lots of information on the same topic, enforced strict preventive measures, sudden and drastic changes in our daily routines— what is happening? What do we experience? What do we observe? How we accept the situation? How do we deal with it? We all are uniquely different and differently unique. We perceive the world and everything in it through our consciousness. You know that our senses in moments like it, when we are we exposed to something different from the ordinary, are stronger and ready to accept fully the new information and process it in the best possible way for us.

So we could understand it and be in unison with it. To be able to adapt, so we could function optimally. The situation is global and at the same time very personal. What a combination?! It is an ideal situation for raising the collective consciousness. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. We can do it through personal development— work on yourself from inside out!

Almost the whole world is in quarantine and literary, all of us are at home. We are called upon to be understanding, responsible and disciplined to be able most effectively to handle the arisen situation, Now, we have the opportunity to work at first line with the near at hand material— our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

Let us begin with the word we use to describe the situation/ state we are in. Say it out loud! What does it mean literary? What does it mean to us? What does it provoke? What kind of thought arises? What feeling? What kind of action/s we take? Yes, the questions are many! And exactly they, the questions we ask would lead us to the answers. They provoke our thinking, and what we think is important! The way we program our thoughts depends solely on us.

We always have a choice, even though when we assume we do not! The idea is to rise above ourselves and observe our thought. Does our thought give rise to a feeling? On a physical level is important to sense in which part of the body we experience it. You know that we have more than physical and mental bodies! So, let us feel boldly! What I mean is: Every feeling creates a sensation. Every signal that we read gives a reaction depending on what we register. Let us take Joy and Fear. Feelings that can grow into euphoria, panic and anxiety when escalated and unconscious.

Joy is always more than welcome and it is joy that calms and balances us. Only if we know how to feel it! I fall asleep and wake up with it. I know from experience that fear can be useful. and I learned to accept it and understand it. What? How?

It is interesting that we massively admire courageous, strong, bold people. Fear we take as negative and needless, useless and unwanted. We even teach NOT to fear. And the point is that to be courageous and bold, we need to be understanding towards ourselves and the situation we are in. And how could we be if we suppress given feeling, emotion, memory? Here is the moment to be extra cautious and act authentically!

Being authentic and true, honest and with clear sincere intentions carries understanding to ourselves. And this understanding opens us the door to well being and inner balance. What is it?! Let us go back to the five bodies of consciousness: Physical, Vital, Mental, Supra-mental, Bliss. The first three are more less on physical level. The other two- Supra mental and Bliss are on a higher vibration. The vibration and frequency we need to act in a moment of extraordinary crisis and imbalance.

When we are aware, when we are in peace, when we are authentic, when we are here and now, present in the moment, when we are well grounded, when faith is with us, then we accept the situation, then we can be true. then we act from inside out, then life unfolds and we are the creators, we materialize our true intentions.


The aim of Joy is to experience pleasure and delight. Whenever we experience tranquility and sense of satisfaction of the way things are the way they are, we experience passive joy. Whenever we share an emotional state with other beings is active joy. In both types of joy we feel: Positive emotional state, Confidence, Security, Motivation.

And this is because of the release of the hormones dopamine, serotonin on a physiological level. These hormones plus Oxytocin are released¡ in our system when we hug or touch a loving person or animal. That is why hugging has therapeutical and healing effect.

Just as smiling!

Joy is always more than welcome, and it is joy that calms and balances us. Only if we know how to feel it! I fall asleep and wake up with it. I know from experience that fear can be useful. and I learned to accept it and understand it. What? How?

Fear aims to warn us that we experience danger. The danger could be real or not, and it depends on our perception.

What happens physiologically in our system is: We register danger. It happens through our senses- eye sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, balance. From the adrenal glands the hormone Cortisol is released and its purpose is to focus our attention to the perceived danger so we are able to deal with it.

Adrenaline, the byproduct of Noradrenaline is also released, which purpose is to keep us in total focus and mobilization and thus we experience: Faster breathing, Heart palpitations, High blood sugar, Increased physical strength and endurance, Loss or increase in appetite.

If we stay for longer period of the mode of fear, our body gets exhausted, the immure system gets compromised and thus our system become imbalanced. That is why we need to be aware and act consciously. The collective awareness and responsibility begins with the personal consciousness. Wonderful people, My appeal to you is: Be here and now. Keeping the presence in mind is the first step to resolve the arisen global situation. Let us look in the past and analyze so we understand the present! Let us mobilize and be responsible and disciplined, understanding and perceptive, well grounded and objective. Be patient and let us have faith in what we live. Patience is not about waiting. It is about what we consciously choose to do when something takes longer than we thought it would or it came unexpectedly. It is about managing our resources. Whatever we are, whatever we believe we can be.

Strength lies within. The power to transform and create ourselves inside out! Let us look inside and start from there. To clear the old and needless and make space for the fresh and new, the one that inspires, delights and positively recharges us. Only this way we can be open and brave, bold and great in our World! The world of unity! We are all one! When we feel it, then we can act from our heart and with gratitude to the Universe! Breathe in gratitude, Exhale love!


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