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We are One...

Mind Body One

About MindBodyOne

We are One...

Mind Body One

What we think, what we do, what we eat, what we choose...

Consciously choose...

Share the love...

Live it.. In the moment.

Heal and feel good food for your mind & body!

A true story of healing through conscious change!

Be the change!

Be you!


Workshop MindBodyOne.
Be You.

How to be MindBodyOne!?

If you are ready to practice the Freedom of Movement,

If you are ready to get introduced to heal and feel good food for mind and body, therapeutic practices, self-care,

if you are ready to start taking care for you with gratitude and love with gentleness and understanding, choose the workshop MindBodyOne!

Come and be part of something new, something tried and something hat gives opportunity to create positive change. 

Together we are stronger and better!
The workshop is educational and with the intention to give answers to those of you who are in search of positive change. 

The change inside out!


Heal and feel good food for mind and body.

48 hours


Change in 12 steps

From November 2021 until November 2022 - total of 12 workshops.

19-21 November 2021

10-12 December 2021

21-23 January 2022

12-13 February 2022

18-20 March 2022

8-10 April 2022

13-15 May 2022

3-5 June 2022

8-10 July 2022

23-25 September 2022

21-23 October 2022

11-13 November 2022


Every workshop lasts from Friday 16:00 h. until Sunday 16:00 h.


This is 48 hours for positive transformation. Time for mind and bosy spent in awareness and understanding.

Be the true  creators of your reality!


The program includes:



Introduction and meeting.


Light Movement



Wake up with the sun


Workshop 10-13:00 h.


Intuitive drawing

Therapy on the Go




Wake up


Workshop 10-13:00 h.

Neuro grağhics.


Registering for the workshop you are reserving a spot for:

total of  48 hours work on your body and mind

18 hours for sleep

30 hours for mind setting, freedom of movement, heal and feel good food, self-care, intuitive drawing and free communication

Each of the 12  workshops is with a different theme, which are the steps in the Transformational program Be You!

The workshops are held in Burgas as well as other locations in Bulgaria.

We choose the places very carefully and according to the necessary conditions.

Depending on your desire and necessity, you can register and participate in a workshop chosen by you.

You can purchase a package of 3,/6/9/12 workshops.

*- 10 % discount from the price for package of 3,

15% for 6 and 20% for 9 workshops.

Inhale gratitude and exhale love.

And again... 

Join in! The choice is yours!

Let it be conscious!

For questions and queries:

Payments amy be done  here   as well as via bank transfer:

Foundation GetBetter

Bank DSK

IBAN: BG94STSA93000022954709

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