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It all about getting better.

Get Better because self matters.

About GetBetter

GetBetter Story



Through out my professional career I felt the need of a supportive factor. Of course, family, friends, coaches and organizations were always there.

However I felt the need of a specific support. To help me excel in whatever my goals were. To show me my flaws, to challenge me, to understand me, to encourage me, to direct me, to acknowledge my strengths and emphasize on them, to teach me to utilize them in the best possible way.


And thus, I dove into personal development. I studied psychology, integrative medicine, basketball and life coaching, as well as yoga, Pilates and developMental coaching. 

I continue to learn and enrich my knowledge daily.

With a group of my closest and trusted people in 2015 we established GetBetter to serve those in need. 


GetBetter Mission statement:


to be in service and assist athletes in discovering and enhancing their true potential by granting them specifically designed tools, educating them, directing and motivating them  toward ultimate performance



We believe in:


Praising individuality....

It is what makes everyone unique

Raising awareness of personality and potential

Education of youth


There is always room for improvement...

It is up to you 

to DESIRE it, to WORK for it, to ACHIEVE it....


WE ARE HERE for you in doing so....

to evaluate, to acknowledge, to understand, to teach, to motivate, to guide You



What we do:




team mentoring

specific personal/group athletic development




What we offer:


Team Mentoring



Chemistry is what differs good teams from winner teams. We meet the team, apply specific exercises and tests to understand the mentality of each player and shape it accordingly to the coach's philosophy. Team mentoring is a key factor in collective sports. It is an essential brink to success and winning.



One on One



The best way to improve and work on specific areas of your game. We assess your game, talent, potential and accordingly guide you and train you to reach your set goals and ultimate performance


DevelopMental Coaching

It is coaching that uses awareness and intention. Through carefully formed questions the clients is challenged to look into their true intention and prepare them to consciously choose to act and create their reality.

Freedom of Movement

This practice is about everything from conscious breathing to stretching and movement in unison with the moment and emotion.

ТIt is something that comes from the inside, cleanses and energizes the mind and body and mostly centers as it unifies them in one!

It does its magic on cellular level in the body as it synchronizes and harmonizes intention with soft and easy movement .

Heal and Feel

Good Food for


The food that is made and prepared with love and in an non-invasive  way, slowly and gently cooked. The produce is clean, local, seasonal.

Its healing properties is emerging in the preparation process and are activated when consumed!

Self Care

It is essential to tend to our bodies. Caring with love. Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and intuitive healing one is able to balance the energetic field as well as the physical body.




Everyone is uniquely different and differently unique. 

The individualized plan for transformation is carefully assembled into an easily implemented program in 4 categories:

  • Mindset

  • Movement

  • Heal and Feel Good Food

  • Self Care with Love

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GetBetterEvolve Coaching

It is all about getting better!

We evolve every moment and it is important to be aware of the fact that we are responsible for our growth and development.

GetBetterEvolve Coaching is unique and its approach is a combination of our experience and knowledge in the field of sports and personal development.

We believe in continuos learning on the go  with openness and creative and interactive dynamics.

Join and get better. Evolve and transform you game on and off the court.

Be your best version and thrive in your field.

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