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Transform Inside Out

DevelopMental Coaching with Gergana Branzova

Meet Gergana

Integrative Natural Medicine PhD

Hello and welcome to my page!


I am Gergana and have created MindBodyOne by GetBetter to share my Heal & Feel Good Food for Mind and Body and be in service to the people in need.

I believe that we are all one - mind, body and the rest. We are what we eat and what we think. When we are open to learn and perceive, when we enjoy ourselves and live boldly, when we do what we love and most importantly are true to our intentions life flows. Dreams become reality.

It is all about balancing the energy of our days. 


What I Specialize In

DevelopMental Coaching

Freedom of Movement

Heal and Feel Good Food

Self Care

Personalized Transformation Plan

Be the change. Transform inside out.

Awareness, conscious choice, action.

"A year ago I began my transformation with Be You. The program opened my mind for things forgotten in the process of growing in stereotypes from parents and society. 

The workshops are very useful and interesting.

Thank you for the guidance and inspiration!"

- Lyubomira N.

“2 years ago I got my first symptoms of MS. I discovered Gergana Branzova- my savior. After following  6 months the program she assigned me, I am symptom free. I have not had MRI, and I do not feel the need to.

I strongly recommend this program for people with symptoms of MS.”

- Anton R.

“I followed the program Be You. For  3 months the weekly meetings with Gergana gave me the opportunity to view myself in a completely different way, All the questions led me to me and I was able to recreate a new relationship with myself.

Therapy on the Go added tp my experience and I strongly recommend it!

Thank you, Gergana!”

- Lora J.

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Transform. Be You. Inside Out.

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